The French law contains a provision for handling background checks, including the acquisition of information of the applicants. Therefore, if you are a candidate looking for opportunities in France, it is important that you prepare beforehand and know what documents you will need for background checks. help scrutinize your identity, work history, educational background, financial status, and criminal record. Here are some documents you should get a hold of when preparing for a background check in France.

Identity And Proof Of Address

Make sure you have a copy of your national identity card or passport for identity purposes. You also need to prepare documents that prove your address. These may include property deed documents and other related documents.

Birth Certificate

In France, a birth certificate is an essential document. Make sure that your birth certificate is updated since an older version may not meet the standard requirements of the French authorities. A valid certificate is one that was issued within the previous three months and translated to French.

Financial Documents

Another way to prepare for your background check in France is to locate your financial documents such as bank statements and tax returns for the past three years. If you’re applying for a loan, insurance, or anything that involves finances, you will most likely need to have a copy of your financial history.

Your financial status enables the company to determine whether you have a positive credit record and whether you have ever been bankrupt. Therefore, ask your French bank to give you copies of your account details.

You will also need to retrieve your most recent tax returns just in case the checks require you to validate your previous earnings. Besides, proof of taxe d’habitation payment can be used to authenticate your residence.

Driving Licence

Just like in most countries, France also requires a driving abstract or license when conducting background checks. The driving abstract is to clarify whether you have a driving history that is free from offenses and major accidents. You will also need to prepare your driving license, car registration, and insurance documents. You can get your driving record from the government’s website.

Certificate Of Good Conduct

The Certified Criminal Record Check can be acquired from the authorities. This will give you the chance to know your criminal record.

Academic History

You need educational documents that show you have attained the credentials and degrees you claim to have. Loan and insurance companies usually refer to this document to verify if you are capable of handling the financial responsibilities that come with availing their products.

Background checks help companies such as insurance agencies and loan companies in France verify facts about applicants before they consider them eligible for what they are applying for such as insurance policies, loans, and other related products. As an applicant, it is wise of you to know and prepare the necessary documents that may be required on your background check.

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