Exploring Toulon, the wonderful city of Southern France, is a journey unlike any other. The city that was once a naval base of the country is embedded with rich culture, both from the past up until present. It is a town that will make you fall in love with its people and culture.

This guide is dedicated to helping people get to know Toulon with the ins and outs of the town. It will provide tips in maximizing one’s stay from the very first step onto the cobblestones of Toulon until they leave with an experience and memories that they would not forget. It will cover information from every detail an individual needs while traveling and staying in Toulon such as hotel and travel accommodations, dining and restaurant recommendations, tourist attractions, facts about the town, and other services offered and to be experienced in the city. There is no detail too small that cannot be covered or tackled to improve one’s stay.

We want to help maximize your trip and lessen the hassle of misinformation or lack of it. We want to also represent Toulon for being hospitable, amicable, and always welcoming of people who are interested in experiencing this little paradise.