Upon hearing the word best cbd oil, we would usually assume that it is illegal. The latter is often considered by many because of its strong reputation as a famous weed.


However, Cannabis has a constituent specifically the CBD or Cannabidiol. It comes with quite a lot of benefits. It is naturally a component of the plant named cannabis thus it does not contain any properties that are psychoactive.


CBD Oil for Private Usage

This oil can be seen everywhere. It is found in pet treats, beauty products, beverages, etc. Due to this, there are places in the world that made it legal.

France is among those areas. It is considered as the largest manufacturer of Hemp across the European nation. It is officially allowed in the country because it has lesser THC or tetrahydrocannabinol compared to marijuana. CBD oil is accepted as long as it is grown for fibers.

Way back in 2018, the mission of the government of France to combat the spread of illegal drugs presented strict rules in contradiction to the use of CBD. Currently, it is still against the ownership and use of the said drug. Violating the rules is punishable by law with corresponding fines and jail terms.

Is the Oil of Cannabidiol Permissible in France?

Throughout Europe, it has one of the firmest laws on CBD oil. It is accepted in the country but the status is quite unclear and confusing.

CBD oil consumption was said to be made legal last 2017 provided that it is derived from the hemp plant. Doing so would mean that the amount of THC would be lesser. Additionally, any traces of THC in CBD oil is not allowed even if it will be used personally.


Some shops began to be a danger to the health of the public by supporting the act of using these drugs. Thus, the government authorities vowed to put a stop to such industries.

Sellers of the said oil are not permitted to make claims that it has therapeutic or medicinal benefits. Anyone who is proven to violate will face legal consequences.

Moreover, advertising without adequate knowledge of its advantages and disadvantages is just like marketing the negative impact of the substance. That is why French law prohibited the advertisement of marijuana or anything to do with it.

The government strictly bans the promotion or marketing of the said oil. Any images of cannabis and advertisement that involves the substance or its components are considered illegal. The slightest hint of violation from shop owners or anyone who is proven to own, sell, use, or promote it will result in legal action. Be extra careful!

Final Thoughts

The oil from the Hemp plant is legal in France, otherwise, it will be considered illegal. Any amount of THC in Cannabinoid oil is already illegal.

The full-spectrum of the product is not allowed in France. This is because consuming it can be very addictive for its users. It may also prove to be lethal if one is hypersensitive to the constituents found in the oil.

As consumers, we must take the necessary precautions before associating ourselves with these substances. It is best to read more about it and do our research.

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