If you’re going to France soon and are looking for restaurants to try, you don’t have to scour the whole internet anymore as this amazon product review will lead you to some of the most exquisite eating spots in the area. Pack your bags and list down some of these restaurants. They surely will not only satisfy your thirst for experience but your belly as well.


When you think about France, you wouldn’t picture it without the famous Eiffel Tower, right? If you plan to visit this magnificent tower, why not experience it with good food.

That’s right; at Girafe, just located on the left side of the Trocadero, is a restaurant that’s not only famous for its sensational view from their open-air terrace but also because of their signature seafood dishes – fresh oysters, lobsters, caviar, urchins, sashimi, cockles, you name it all, they have it here at the Girafe.

Dragons Elysées

When in Arc the Triomphe, you can drop by the Dragons Elysées. Here, you’ll be immersed in one of the most unique and extraordinary eating experiences in the area. This is because the restaurant has its entire floor made of glass! Underneath the impressive glass lies an aquarium as well, and you can watch turtles and fishes swim below as you dine – wouldn’t be that exciting?

The restaurant specializes in meat and seafood dishes and are experts at providing Thai and Chinese cuisine, so if you’re a fan of Asian cooking, then you should definitely try their spicy imperial shrimp dish.


For a hearty, laidback, and warm ambiance, this trendy restaurant is the best when it comes to southwestern French cuisine. Jòia means Joy in the Bearnese dialect, and you’re surely going to experience happiness here. This is because they offer huge portions of great food that are comforting. So, if you want to share happiness, then a pan filled with steaming polenta at Jòia is what you need.

Guy Savoy

Did you know that the owner of this restaurant is no other than Chef Gordon Ramsey’s trainer? Yes, you’ve heard it right. Just right around the River Seine, this amazing French restaurant is home of the most exquisite oysters, lobsters, and foie gras.

This would truly be an unforgettable experience. Though the price is quite expensive, it’s a Michelin-star restaurant anyway, so you wouldn’t miss out on this, right?

La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant

The last one in our list is this fine restaurant just situated beneath the amazing Notre-Dame. For a pleasurable and gastronomic experience, this restaurant offers mouthwatering dishes like roasted king prawns and salmon topped with chives and fresh mangoes.

What’s more, this restaurant does not only provide lovely dishes, but they also deliver a variety of theatre programs, from cabaret to comedy, making your stay even more entertaining and memorable.

France is a destination that we should all visit. After all, France does not only have a rich culture and history, but it also has a lot of good food waiting to be tasted.

The restaurants above aren’t the only good spots that you can visit though. So, try finding online product reviews and services of other restaurants too. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a gem on your visit to this dreamy destination.

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