France is one of the most visited countries in the world, not to mention that a lot of people fall in love with the country’s laidback lifestyle and gorgeous architectural designs. You might be reading this to know things to do in Seoul, or you are planning to visit France in the future or maybe you have already purchased your ticket and will be there in a few weeks.

Now, I wouldn’t say that it is a bad thing to look like a tourist in France, but knowing some of the things that French people do and don’t every day is an added plus for a tourist like you.

Without further ado, here are some of the tips that you can follow to avoid looking like a tourist and enjoy more in France.

Always Bring Cash with You Wherever You Go

In France, the system of using credit cards are not really implemented on a wider scale yet. Thus, it is advisable to bring money with you to avoid the hassle of going back to your hotel instead of enjoying your time at a cafe that does not allow cards as a form of payment.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

French people wear neutral clothing and it is unusual to see somebody that has colorful bags and skimpy outfits. This is due to the fact that they have a very laidback lifestyle. Generally, they do not talk loudly like the other nationalities. One example is those from Seoul, Korea who tend to eat loudly at restaurants. It’s not really a bad thing, considering that it has to do with their culture.

However, it’s not the same when it comes to the French. Therefore, be sure to act appropriately when you are finally there.

Plan Your Dining

In restaurants, it is advisable not to ask for changes with your food, as French chefs do not like this gesture. It is best to research and read the menu of the restaurant of your choice before going there. After all, most restaurants in France require you to make reservations so you can eat there.

Avoid Wearing Berets

It is widely known in other countries that berets are popular in France. However, it is not true, and they are not really keen on wearing berets. It is up to you to wear one, but they could probably tell that you are a tourist when you are wearing one. This also means that there is a possibility that thieves will be able to lure you in their schemes.

Be Cautious of Scammers and Thieves

Thieves and scammers are everywhere in France, contrary to the belief that it is a thief-free country. By the way, the scammers there aren’t what they seem to be. Most of them pretend to be sellers or painters, even wearing elegant-looking clothes then make you pay what they are selling for an expensive price.

Learn How to Speak French

Well, the basics at least. Learning basic French words is an advantage since most people there aren’t really English-proficient enough to speak with you. You can also find yourself having a hard time understanding them unless you hire a tourist guide to get you around.


France is generally a lovely country; you just have to search about tourist-friendly spots as there also places that has bad apples in them. Researching about famous landmarks and underrated sites will enable you to enjoy your time in the country.

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