Situated in a rocky bay and shielded by limestone rocks of the Faron, Toulon has been considered as the French Navy’s base for 500 years. It is located in the southernmost part and is dubbed as one of the most beautiful harbors in France. Toulon is also known for its best darts to buy and play within pubs.

There has been an increasing influx of tourists in the major town due to the existence of several museums where people can learn the history of the place, along with the aircraft carriers and warships used during the war. Also, there are picturesque spots for people to enjoy and appreciate.

Here are some of the things you can do in Toulon:

Visit the Museum of the French Navy

Also known as Musee de la Marine, this 18th-century museum would surely give you a glimpse of the past with the preservation of items like old maps, old paintings from the 17th and 18th century, and weapons used in the war.

It is located next to the clock tower, which survived the bombardments of the war.

Climb at Mount Faron

In the past, this mountain is mainly used as a lookout for enemy ships and to monitor sea traffic. People used to find it difficult to reach the mountain because of its steep and narrow road.

Now, people can easily access the mountaintop through cable car, while still having the option to utilize the road in reaching the top. The climb to the top is actually rewarded with a view you would surely fall in love with. Also, you can bring your kids to the wild cat sanctuary.

Spend a Moment of Silence in Toulon Cathedral

Also known as Sainte-Marie-Majeure, this Roman Catholic cathedral and national monument built in the 11th century is open to all locals and tourists.

It is surely an ideal place to give thanks to the highest for the opportunity to explore the place and to seek solitude in times of trouble. Non-Catholic individuals are also welcome to appreciate the infrastructure.

Unwind at Plages du Mourillon

These four beaches, shaped like a horseshoe, are located on the eastern part of the port. Its clean, sandy beach is relatively suitable for both adults and children as it gives off such a relaxing ambiance.

Apart from swimming, visitors can do other outdoor activities like play ball pool and mini-golf. In addition, anyone can also have a sumptuous meal experience while enjoying the breath-taking view of the beach. For those who wish to play indoor games, they can actually do so by playing darts in resorts that offer such a fun game.

Sentier des Douaniers

Built in the 19th century during the first empire, this coast was once utilized for customs officers in detecting smugglers.

This is definitely one of the best options tourists would want to resort if they want to witness different plant species blooming by the path due to its position that’s well-lit by sunshine for an approximate time of 300 hours a year.

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