Rich in naval history and rugged landscapes, this port city on the Mediterranean coast of France is a remarkable place for the backpacking writer because of the cheap essay writing service and other several activities one can enjoy.  Check out these helpful tips in making the most out of your travel writing your experiences in Toulon:


Read A Lot

Before anything else, you should read the works of both famous and upcoming writers. If you can’t or don’t prefer going to your local library, you can always read e-books from Google books or Google magazines.  This is to make your self familiarize certain tone, styles, and genres used in essay writing.  Once you get exposed enough, you’ll be able to acquire your own writing voice.

Make It Personal

Travel writing is more than just consumer-oriented advice and feature writing.  Aside from the basic answers to the 6 key questions, (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How), every movement, every experience, every person you talk to, every story behind the journey is travel writing.

When in Toulon, you don’t just list the top destinations and the reviews.  Talk about your 6-minute cable car ride from a terminal up to the summit of the majestic Mount Faron, or you can talk about the naval history you’ve learned while visiting the Musée de la Marine.  And while you’re at it, talk to the people – taxi drivers, fellow backpackers, and even the locals.  Adding the voices of the people you meet during your travels in Toulon will add more depth to your essay writing.  The more personal the writing, the more engaging it becomes and the more it will stick with people who wish to know the best places to visit in this southern city of France.

Establish Credibility

Go the extra mile and do more than just experience the travel.  It’s always good practice to be well-informed about the place you’re going to write about.  For Toulon, you can check out the tourist guide website called, ProvenceWeb which has everything you need from the list of accommodations to leisure activities and more.  This naval city is also rich in history so you might want to indulge in reading about the great events that took place in Toulon from books, news archives, and websites.


Make sure that all the facts you’ve included in your travel writing are all accurate.  Nothing would make you look like a fool or a fraud than getting names of places wrong or even prices and travel times.  Fact-check everything from reliable resources and don’t just rely on hearsay.

Avoid Cliches

This is old advice but it’s worth repeating as people tend to forget.  Avoid travel cliches.  There are more ways of describing the street markets of Cours Lafayette than just the word “bustling”.  You can’t call the best destinations in Toulon “hidden gems”.  They won’t become popular if they’re hidden away.  The term just doesn’t make sense.   Cliches make your essay writing dated, and less appealing.  Don’t make your travel writing sound like a poorly made travel brochure.  Be specific in describing things and think of more creative ways to get your point across.

One final tip is to enjoy the experience.  The excitement that you’ve felt first-hand will always reflect in your writing.  So, pack your journal and start exploring Toulon.

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