Every state has its laws; the laws ensure that people relate in harmonious ways. However, some laws are simply bizarre. France, for example, has some of the oddest laws. For instance, did you know that the law requires you to own a bale of hay at home?

Some of the odd laws are not significantly enforced while others are keenly followed to date. If you are planning on heading to France, here is a look at 10 French laws that your Israeli עורך דין צבאי should let you know to avoid frustrating moments.

1.      Pigs And Napoleon Do Not Match

Did you know that it is illegal to address or name your pig Napoleon in France? Well, the former emperor, Napoleon, was witty enough to avoid being subject of mockery by introducing the law. The law applies, to date, as such, on our clever habit of naming our domestic animals after leaders as a way of making fun of them. Pranksters, your efforts will need more wits to outwit the legendary Napoleon.

2.      No Alcohol At The Workplace

If your Israeli lawyers want to keep you out of trouble at work, they need to enlighten you on drunkenness at work. It is illegal to take any alcoholic drink at work with the exemption of beer, wine, pear cider and hydromel, a fermented honey drink.

3.      It Is Legal To Marry The Dead

As long as you can prove your partner’s intention of marrying you, and the president approves, you can go ahead and marry your dead partner.

4.      Your Parents Have A Say In Who You Marry

As an adult, you have the choice of who to marry. In France, however, your parents can legally oppose your marriage and file an opposition statement for any reason.

5.      French Local Music Must Be Played

Radios are required to play French local music between 8 AM and 8 PM following a 40% quota. 50% of the music must also be music created in not more than six months. It may be a bizarre law, but its intention of supporting local art and artists is a consolation.

6.      It Is Illegal To Photograph The Police And Police Cars

You have to be careful while taking a photo; ensure the background does not capture a police officer in uniform or law enforcement cars.

7.      Kissing On The Train Platform Is Illegal

Well, your romantic gesture can delay the other passengers. To ensure it does not, kissing has been banned. Imagine getting arrested for expressing your love; it’s strange, but it’s still a law you have to observe.

8.      Unlimited Ketchup In Schools Is Illegal

The law minds your health, and it is not about to let you get obese my munching on those tempting delicacies. There is an exemption, however, if the ketchup, for instance, is served with French fries.

9.      Writing Your Check On Any Paper Is Legal

Handing a check drafted on a toilet paper may seem odd, but in France, it is legal.

10.  It Is Illegal For Women To Dress Like Men

As a woman, you need to get authorization from the police and get a doctor’s note as well. Well, as of today though, the law is still on books; its enforcement is not experienced.

The list of odd laws in France is quite long, but it does not mean you cannot live comfortably in your favorite French neighborhoods. Let your Israeli lawyers educate you on the way forward.

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