Toulon is a city situated in the southern part of France. It borders the Mediterranean Sea, so the people in this area mainly experience Mediterranean climatic conditions. This means that the summers are short, warm, dry and commonly clear. On the other end, people experience long, cold, cloudy and windy winters.


The temperatures range between 40°F to 82°F – a clear indication that temperatures are relatively high. According to, this shouldn’t discourage you from enjoying beautiful sceneries and historical sites.


With the kind of weather in Toulon, it’s important to consider the attire to wear during your travel. Below are some types of garments you might want to pack for your Toulon travel.

Jackets or Cardigans

In the south of France, the nights seem cooler than usual due to the breeze from the Mediterranean. By carrying a cardigan or jacket, you can save yourself from the common cold seaside environment.

Ballet Flats or Sandals

The ultimate choice of shoes to bring would be a pair of sandals or ballet flats. This is mainly because ballet flats are a perfect casual footwear for touring the city. As for the sandals, they are a great choice since they can be easily paired with just anything.

Sleek heels will also do great for the ladies as they shop in boutiques within St. Tropez Street and Aix-en-Provence. Wedges are also acceptable as they keep you fancy and elegant on the beachside without being stuck between cobblestones.

Sun Hat, Sunglasses, And Necklace

These three accessories are the key to elegance. With a hat and sunglasses paired with a single necklace, you can already look glamorous and fancy blending with the temperate Toulon surroundings.

The south of France is generally a sunny place. Hence, sunglasses are a vital accessory for this type of climate. Coco designed sunglasses are mostly preferred, but ray-bans will also serve you well.

Scarf or Foulard

During the winters, scarfs come in handy to evade cold and also bring elegance. They are mainly wrapped around the neck and tucked under trench coats. During summertime, a foulard, a lighter version of the scarf, is tied around the neck in an artistic way to showcase elegance.


For shorts lovers, this is your best opportunity to shine! Thanks to the summer heat, the cool breeze, and the posh Mediterranean vibe, you are going to enjoy flossing in shorts matched with some custom t-shirts on the sandy beaches of Toulon.

Bathing Suits and Cover-Ups

Staying along the Mediterranean simply means that you will be a regular visitor to the beach. A cute bathing suit and a matching cover-up will work miracles in Toulon since it is a posh area, hence matching your surroundings.

With these attires at your disposal, you will ultimately enjoy your travel in Toulon whether during the winter or summer.

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