A place like Providence in Rhode Island is something to look forward to. To make the most of the experience, one of the things that you should do is try their food.

This will allow you to broaden your knowledge about the place and explore new food that you’ve never tasted before. Many businesses like https://myfoodsubscriptions.com/food-delivery-service/home-chef-review-coupon/ offer discounts to tourists, Dont forget to check them out. The following are just a few that you shouldn’t miss when you go on a trip to Providence, Rhode Island.


The calamari in Providence shouldn’t be missed. They are cooked with a slight amount of butter, which is either fried or sautéed. This delicious dish also comes with mouth-watering garlic butter and hot cherry peppers.

This food is evident in most places on the island. However, if you’re looking for a generous serving of this delicious food, try having a home meal delivery from Pane e Vino in Providence.

Del’s Lemonade

Del’s lemonade is an important culture among Rhode Islanders. This famous lemonade drink was founded in 1948 by Angelo DeLucia and since then, it has grown and became famous as an international franchise. Del’s lemonade would be the perfect drink to quench your thirst throughout your travel in Providence. You may order a classic lemon of this drink. but you may also go for a “light lemon” flavor which has no high-fructose corn syrup on it. It also has other flavors in mango, peach, and watermelon.

Clam Cakes

This finger food is ball-shaped and contains a chopped clam inside. It’s usually deep-fried and comes with various ingredients. This savory finger food is crispy and golden brown. Once you taste it, it has a light and savory taste. This finger food is best paired with cakes, fries, and coleslaw, clam chowder, tartar sauce, or ketchup.

Cabinets and Coffee Milk

Cabinet also refers to a coffee beverage. This is not often available anymore, but residents who have been living in Rhode Island are familiar with this beverage. You’re lucky if you will find one during your trip. It’s actually made of coffee ice cream, milk, and coffee syrup.

On the other hand, coffee milk is still common among some places in Rhode Island. But, if you can’t find one, you can just make your own. You’ll only need to add coffee syrup to milk. Easy, right? It’s just also like preparing chocolate milk, but with coffee syrup.

Pizza Strips (aka Party Pizza)

Rhode Island has its own version of their pizza, and who would ever refuse a pizza? Pizza strips are actually different than the usual pizza. This food is somewhat like a focaccia bread applied heavily with tomato sauce. Unlike the usual pizza that everyone knows, pizza strips have no cheese and it’s usually available at bakeries, not pizza parlors. Sometimes, it can also have a dash of rosemary, basil, or some other toppings.

These are just some of the few famous foods known in Providence, Rhode Island. Do you already have your picks?

If you don’t want the trouble of looking for the place where these foods are available, you may also try availing food delivery services. This will be a more convenient way for you to order food during your stay in Providence, Rhode Island.

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