The number of tourist flocking into different best places around the world is growing rapidly. Thanks to the platform that offers free viewing, vlogging is becoming a medium of disseminating useful information. And if you’re planning to visit the most sophisticated place in Europe, you’ll definitely have to bring your best camera and headphones as France will never disappoint whenever you go.

While Paris is known to be the most romantic place on earth, the southern part of France also offers something remarkable. If there’s anything that can describe the city of Toulon, it could be the beautiful picturesque ancient fountains, mesmerizing and majestic beaches, large numbers of pubs, cafes, festival, and art galleries. It’s no wonder why it’s becoming the center of attention for vlogging. That said, here are some of the best places in Toulon that are absolutely worth it if you plan to do vlogging.

Fort de Balaguier and La Tour Beaumont

Now known as an unconquerable city, Toulon’s land and sea defense show majestic history about how the harbor was protected with its fortifications. It offers breathtaking views, some of which are turned into walking sites and museums. If you are into digging one’s history, then this place is absolutely a good place to visit.

Relax and Enjoy at Le Mourillon

The best popular beaches in Toulon are located in Le Mourillon. Grab your wireless noise cancelling head phones and listen to music while you relax. Also, the place is known for its large water sports activities. It’s definitely a good place for the whole family to enjoy.

The Old Town

Formerly named as the city of fountains, the old town will enchant you with its fountains that are truly amazing. The place is in between the naval base and Stade Mayol, giving you a perfect atmosphere to enjoy and relax.

Cours Lafayette Market

If you’re into showing off tips on how to shop around, Le Cours Lafayette should be on your bucket list. The market offers you the smell of real lavender and thymes. You can even experience the colorful market with its fresh local products that bring you the provincial feeling.

Breathtaking Views from Mont Faron

The appealing view from the mountain is what makes it instagrammable and picturesque. The place will show you the beauty of the city and an atmosphere worth breathing. How to get there? Reach the top by riding a cable car or walking into its steep and narrow road.

Take a Picture at the Museè d’art

The museum of art is truly spectacular as it boasts of a large number of modern and contemporary arts, remarkable collections of sculptors, and fantastic paintings. It’s a one of a kind experience since you’ll be able to record how vast and rich the history of France as a whole.

Toulon has so much to offer than a few years back. With its unique location and perfect weather condition, it is absolutely the best place for a getaway. By just simply turning on your camera, you’ll definitely be able to tell the whole world about your experience in Toulon.

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