Along with the recent legalization of cannabis, CBD oil and products that contain components from cannabis comes to the curiosity about the plant that was never before prominent simply because it wasn’t allowed. The public curiosity concerning marijuana has now gone so far as to fuel the creation of the National Marijuana Museum in Colorado. What do viewers expect from such an exhibit?

1. A Timeline Following the History of Cannabis and Other Important Facts

The museum will surely attract a wide variety of guests; some of whom know little about the plant. Many are definitely hoping for a detailed and informative retelling of cannabis’ tale and a crash course on everything there is to know about weed, including its components and their different forms such as CBD oil, topical, and edibles.

2. Fun Facts and Artifacts

Novelty information about cannabis such as the earliest known usage of the plant or its role in the development of medicine are a welcome addition. Beyond history, weed artifacts such as old bongs and pipes are what many would consider as a great addition to this exhibit.

3. Marijuana and Pop Culture

Many would love to know how marijuana has influenced their favorite singers, actors, artists, and writers, along with its influence on history and modern day culture.

4. Media and Marijuana

A display dedicated to the tumultuous relationship of marijuana and media representation is definitely something to be seen. It is interesting to see marijuana as it is portrayed in wars on drugs waged by presidents to its demonization and to its brand-new image in modern day culture.

5. Interactive Exhibit

This part of the exhibit could be dedicated to those who have never gotten high or to those who have never used a bong or other cannabis products. The best way to truly understand something, after all, is to experience it firsthand.

6. Bong Creations and Demonstrations from Local Glass Artists

An exhibit that functions as a platform for tokers to present their collections and works to the interested public is definitely an interesting addition to a museum of this kind.

7. A Room for Par-Toking

Although cannabis has been given free reign under state law for medical purposes, many are only recently coming around to approving the use of marijuana for social and recreational purposes. With the social use of marijuana secured, a restricted room where 21+ visitors can enjoy a hit before proceeding further into the museum seems like a good idea.

8. The Suppression of Cannabis by the Government

It is important to understand not only what something is but also where it comes from and its implications. From the war on drugs to the use of cannabis as a tool for incarcerating the minority, a display like this would definitely be helpful.

9. A Bookstore

A bookstore that features books, magazines and catalogues all about marijuana is also expected by many.

10. The History of Marijuana as It Relates to The Founding Fathers

A detailed presentation about how the founding fathers were proud tokers who grew the plant and used it for various reasons would be an interesting addition to this exhibit.

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