There is a new attraction that is making every weed lover rejoice. Cannabition, located at the downtown in the city of Las Vegas, is the world’s first interactive museum that celebrates all things related to cannabis.


Since the legalization of cannabis took effect on January 1, 2017, weed lovers aged 21 and above got the privilege to purchase and use marijuana both for recreational and medical purposes. You can read more reviews to know how license to grow and distribute marijuana works. It was also part of the legalization, although there are still some restrictions applied as part of its proclamation.

Cannabis Life Story

Since the museum’s opening on September 20, museum goers had a meaningful experience as they understand how the cannabis plant starts from seed until it grows and becomes the giant pool of nugs and landing in a ritual room. The exhibit boasted of the world’s largest bong measuring 24-feet tall and some fake marijuana buds. There were also graphics on the museum’s walls that explain how concentrates are made and how different indica and sativa cannabis strains are, making the exhibit not only a “selfie-ready” museum but also a place that serves with educational intentions.

Cannabition as A Trend

J.J Walker, founder of the Cannabition, made some important remarks about it as a national trend. “What is the national trend about cannabis is social cannabis, and it’s connecting people in a public environment, so we saw Cannabition as a great way to create this larger than life experience about cannabis, and [uumm] we’re super excited about it”, he said in an interview from DailyMail.

Guests will experience an immersive cannabis museum which is interactive and a photogenic experience of cannabis taking them from the journey of “seed through high”. The exhibit also showcases weed art, and it will provide visitors with the rich history and culture of marijuana. Cannabition aims to provide a cannabis seed-to-high experience that is not only ‘instagrammable’ but also educational. Visitors will be taught about the way cannabis has been grown and used around the world and throughout history.

‘Selfie’ and “Instagrammable’

Some holiday-makers wanted to get involved too. Since visitors will follow the path of cannabis from “seed-to-high”, they will take the journey through vignettes that are highly instagrammable. The rooms inside the museum offers a giant cannabis seed bed where visitors can lie down and take a selfie and an adult-sized slide that takes visitors through oversized lips that blow smoke rings.

There’s also a giant rainbow colored Buddha that symbolizes the “body high” properties of cannabis’ indica strains, and this is from W Vapes. There’s also a 170-foot mural wall by Heather Hermann and Gear Duran that memorializes some of the historic memory of cannabis.

Other fun attractions inside the museum include a giant pool of foam weed nugs, a 6-foot tall CannAmerica Gummy, and 7-foot cannabis buds.

The opening comes fifteen months after Nevada allowed the purchase and use of marijuana and CBD oil for pain relief and recreational use. All interested visitors can visit the museum and buy a ticket for only $24.20.

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