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10 Things Everyone Expects from the National Marijuana Museum

Along with the recent legalization of cannabis and products that contain components from cannabis comes the curiosity about the plant that was never before prominent simply because it wasn’t allowed. The public curiosity concerning marijuana has now gone so far as to fuel the creation of the National Marijuana Museum in Colorado. Read more reviews about it, What do viewers expect from such an exhibit? 1. A Timeline Following the History of Cannabis and Other Important Facts The museum will surely attract a wide variety of guests; some of whom know little ...
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The Best Time to Visit Toulon, France for Weather, Safety, & Tourism

When taking vacations, no one would want to catch bad weather that prevents them from exploring their travel destination and having them cooped up in their hotel until it passes. Toulon being known as the main marine naval base of France, is abundant with its water activities such as boating, yachting, jet skiing, and the like. The town has also plenty of beach attractions which matches its almost all year round sunny and summer weather vibe. Weather All throughout the year, Toulon’s highest average temperature does not surpass 86 degrees ...
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Top 8 Things to Do If You’re Visiting Toulon, France

Toulon holds so many interesting activities and it may overwhelm tourists, but here is a list of the top 8 things to do if you are visiting Toulon, France. Get to know Toulon by visiting the National Museum of the Marine Ships and other artifacts from Toulon’s time as a port in the 1800s are housed which makes the learning experience more interesting. Cable car or hike your way to the peak of Mont Faron Two ways to reach the peak-- the cable car provides a breathtaking view of the ...
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10 Top Tourist Attractions in Toulon & Easy Day Trips

Vieille Vielle (Old Town) This interesting town is packed with beautiful sights such as beautiful fountains and cobblestone paths and a lot of activities to do like going to the beach, dining in cafes, etc. Toulon Port Being a naval base, boats and yachts are not an uncommon sight. You can take rides to reach beaches like Les Sablettes and La Seyne-sur-Mer. When you visit the port during May to October, you can visit Porquerolles Island. Mont Faron Riding the Télephérique du Faron or the cable car is a popular ...
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